The Art Organisation provides ..

Opportunities for the benefit of the Community.

Volunteers and interested parties in the Community get to take part in each of the projects, benefitting from the work experience, training and skill-share, leading to the potential of employment, and sparking creativity.

The wider community attend events, classes and workshops, and exhibitions, and learn from each experience.



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For the benefit of the Community.

It goes without saying that TAO would not succeed in their work without the involvement of the Community. It provides artists and educators who occupy space, organise exhibitions, events, classes and workshops, and brings us volunteers, concerned members who wish to change the presnt situation that has allowed dereliction to escalate.

TAO hopes that people who participate and help, undestand the problems we are trying to overcome and the benefits from the work we undertake. Our service is directed to the wider community, for we believe our actions and the actions of our volunteers can serve to improve this society.

TAO, to date, work independently, without funding, and therefore are not a drain on public funding. We rely on the skills and ingenuity of those people that help, their goodwill and concerned nature.

In return we offer to share skills and network for the benefit of those involved, teaching where necessary. We offer volunteers to recognise their own needs and work with them to see if TAO can deliver them. We seek to employ capable persons in full-time roles and seek eways to afford them. Often volunteers are unemployed seeking work with few options available. Often they lack direction and inspiration and we find our projects and our support can help.

A working template for the Future!

TAO provides . .

Access to affordable space for the benefit of the creative industries, arts and artists..
Access to affordable space is vital to practitioners in the arts and art in education. Artist's benefit from clean, cheap space to teach their skills, and practice their artwork in a vital growth period, to reach sustained financial status, capable of affording more and develop further.
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Support for the benefit of education in the arts.
Many community groups and individuals take part in the arts and participate in classes, workshops, group sessions,
therapy, events and expressions, taking advantage of workable, easy access, open or private space.
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A work ethic for the benefit of the Environment.
For decades cities have regenerated with the arts at the centre. Artists take advantage of run-down areas,
and the natural process of an increased footfall, the regeneration of dereliction, and the artistic attractions from within,
turn around the neighbourhood and improve it's image.
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Property solutions for the benefit of landlords, building owners, and property developers.
The current economic state is a worry to landlords who have ownership of properties beyond their best.
Often situated in off the trendy track places, beyond a state of good repair, unwanted, and a drain on business finances -
costing more to remain derelict than their worth.
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TAO: A working template for the Future!