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Property solutions for the benefit of landlords, building owners, and property developers.

The current economic state is a worry to landlords who have ownership of properties beyond their best.

Often situated in off the trendy track places, beyond a state of good repair, unwanted, and a drain on business finances - costing more to remain derelict than their worth.

These such places are crying out for attention, clearing, a bit of warmth, security, a touch of paint, and in some places a surge of construction. A new creative use brings a change in footfall and an interest to the forgotten places. A need, and a worth, once more.



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For the benefit of Landlords.

There is no worse scenario for a landlord than to lose its tenant. The process immediate means a loss of income from expectant rents, and an immediate expenditure required to find a new tenant.

Repairs and decoration following the departure of the previous tenant are unavoidable, the building must be presented at its best. This is an immediate cost. There is an effort required to register utilities back with the owner and a cost to upkeep them. The landlord must advertise, and then wait. For six months they can claim disqualification from rates, but only once, and business rates must now be met for empty premises at the expense of the landlord. If successful the landlord benefits and a new tenant is found.

But this is not a successful time. We know more and more properties are becoming vacant, and we understand the downfalls that go with this situation. An unwanted property is not good for the local community , and can lead to a decline in the environment. The state of the buidling worsens and attracts negative attention with further costs facing landlords as they battle to secure the empty premise from vandals and thieves, before it becomes too late.

TAO are a solution to this problem. TAO occupy premises, in agreement with landlords, prepared to stop the rot, and turn around the decline. They take away immediate costs of services and rates, becoming responsible for these relevant expenses and they work with landlords to repair, decorate and in turn attract, marketing premises to the creatives, the educators and performers who would benefit from such space, each adding to a pot of gold in the hope that a slice can be found for the property owner, and eventually the buildings true value be met.

In the early stages TAO ask the landlord to work with them as they explore ways to achieve these goals for the benefit of all involved. They will sign a tenancy at will for a period suitable to the landlord, and agree a method to work toward that alleviates the landlord's expense.

Property developers who are perhaps waiting for longer term prospects to materialise would benefit for longer agreements taking up the period of vacancy, ensuring security and relief from the problems involved. TAO are used to temporary projects and recognise the use artists can make in such, but longevity offers security for all parties and serve to benefit the need in the wider community.

A working template for the Future!

TAO provides ..

Access to affordable space for the benefit of the creative industries, arts and artists..
Access to affordable space is vital to practitioners in the arts and art in education. Artist's benefit from clean, cheap space to teach their skills, and practice their artwork in a vital growth period, to reach sustained financial status, capable of affording more and develop further.
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Support for the benefit of education in the arts.
Many community groups and individuals take part in the arts and participate in classes, workshops, group sessions,
therapy, events and expressions, taking advantage of workable, easy access, open or private space.
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Opportunities for the benefit of the Community.
Volunteers and interested parties in the Community get to take part in each of the projects, benefitting from the work experience, training and skill-share, leading to the potential of employment, and sparking creativity. The wider community attend events, classes and workshops, and exhibitions, and learn from each experience.
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A work ethic for the benefit of the Environment.
For decades cities have regenerated with the arts at the centre. Artists take advantage of run-down areas,
and the natural process of an increased footfall, the regeneration of dereliction, and the artistic attractions from within,
turn around the neighbourhood and improve it's image.
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TAO: A working template for the Future!