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In line with the potential of project sustainment, association with authoritive groups and liason with the Community, TAO has prepared several policies to support the projects it attains to achieve.

To date TAO remains unfunded for the work it has done, and TAO Directors and members are all volunteers in the work that they do and are fully prepared of the efforts each entail, working continually to ensure a safe environment .



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Health and Safety

The workers in position of responsibility within the premises, will be kept informed of health & safety law and will all receive an induction on health & safety issues. All volunteer workers will take the necessary steps to ensure their safety at all times.

Public Liability

TAO holds a £5M public liability insurance policy with Zurich Municipal, covering public and voluntary access to all premises.

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments will be carried out before each session, to ensure the premises and activities carried out are suitable and safe. Anything found unsuitable or that will cause harm will be recorded and the appropriate action taken to ensure safety.


If a person has an accident on the premises, the appropriate person will record it and the signature of the person will be obtained. If an emergency arises where a person is taken to hospital or advice from a doctor is required, a written report regarding the events leading up to the injury/accident will be recorded.

Fire Safety

Every year the fire extinguishers will be checked by a Fire Officer, and a record kept ensuring safety and working order. The extinguishers and exits will be used appropriately and the exits will be kept clear. Instructions on how to evacuate the building safely in an emergency and where to assemble will be displayed at each exit.

Equal Opportunities

The Art Organisation will always try to uphold and promote good equal opportunities practices. The Art Organisation does not impose any restriction on access to membership, activities or services. People are welcome to join regardless of:-
age (OVER 18), race, immigration status, marital status, religion, gender or gender re-assignment, sexual orientation, disability, health including physical, mental and HIV status, education, social or economic background, spent criminal convictions, country of origin
The Art Organisation positively seeks out new opportunities to engage with potential new members which will develop our group and give opportunity for access to activities and services which otherwise would not happen.
The Art Organisation strives to implement its objectives by:-
regularly reviewing its membership, ensuring that information about the Art Organisation and its activities is widely available locally, meeting with other relevant local agencies in the community to discuss possible new developments, ensuring that its activities and services is of a range and variety so as to meet the needs of our vibrant and diverse community.
The Art Organisation will actively seek training opportunities to develop and implement effective policies on equality and diversity.

Child Protection

In accordance with The Children’s Act 1989 (Section 17), TAO believe that every child, regardless of age, has at all times, in all situations, a right to feel safe and protected from any situation or practice which results in the child being physically or psychologically damaged. As a result, TAO adhere strictly to the following child protection policy.

Following the guidelines set out in The Protection of Children Act 1999 in assessing the suitability of employees and volunteers to work with children, TAO will perform a Criminal Records Bureau background check on any potential employees or volunteers of the organisation. It is TAOs soul responsibility to ensure each member in contact with children is fully checked and approved.

An appointed member of TAO will also be facilitated as the organisation’s Child Protection Representative, receiving full training in matters concerning the policy and child welfare. This individual will be the first point of contact that children, staff, or volunteers should approach with concerns or suspicions regarding child abuse. It is also the duty of this individual to ensure child protection policies and procedures are implemented correctly.

It is TAOs and its members duty to ensure that children under its care are protected from any form of abuse (sexual, emotional, physical); the welfare of the child is of paramount consideration and we must all work together to ensure the protection of children (The Human Rights Act 1998).

TAO are committed to carefully planning and structuring activities that are appropriate for the group of children and young people the organisation are working with. All children and young people involved will be made aware of the procedure for raising a complaint by the CPR and instructions will also be available on the centres notice board.

For the further details and the complete policy regarding child protection please contact us.

For further information please contact us: email