The Art Organisation in Leicester

Leicester was our latest project, starting in April 2009, by Robert Smith and project manager Adam Kirk.
TAO occupied one building in Humberstone Gate of the city, and were working to create:

galleries to exhibit local and regional artwork
a coffee bar to meet and network
space for workshops and classes
meeting rooms for seminars
studios to rent on monthly basis
a woodworkshop and darkroom facilities



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TAO Leicester

The project in Humberstone Gate began the end of March 2009 when The Art Organisation obtained use of the building at 68-70 from the landlord Bildurn Properties, ideal as a centre for independent arts and arts education in the city. This association allowed us to instantly promote opportunities and invite the community to participate. Bildurn had spent the months previous repairing the roof and improving the frontage to this and its neighbouring building at 66, so in no time at all we declared ourselves open, making space immediately available to the arts and artists in Leicester and the community.

Since April 2009, project manager Adam Kirk has been orchestrating the progress on behalf of The Art Organisation in Leicester, working with volunteers to develop ideas and apply their artistic talents to the space. Artist studios have been made available and artists wishing to work in Leicester are taking up occupancy. Gallery space has been created and the coffee bar opened, with Adam guiding volunteers, teaching skills where necessary, to make the space presentable and of use, where previously it stood empty. In the months that have past we have had film crews in production, live music events, displays of crafts and exhibitions of artwork.

The project in Leicester is now coming into full swing with the coffee bar now open daily and volunteer opportunities increasing. Adam is inviting any interested party to come down and see where their talents lie, and get involved with further developments for the benefit of the arts community. The coffee bar is an ideal meeting place and offers chance to network in the community.

As the project develops we hope to make further space available for workshops, classes and further teaching in the arts, making links in the region to increase opportunities for those that will benefit. Creating a blank canvas for expression is core to the artistic talent in the city and this ever evolving centre hopes to accomodate these talents, listening to artistic needs and working to make ideas happen.

We are now preparing for independence in April 2011, with a schedule of exhibitions and events, several new classes and workshops, whilst we continue to make studios and workshop space available.

In 2011 The Leicester project stood sustained as an independent community interest company; Fabrika IAC


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TAO in your town

Have you ever aspired to help out in the creative arts? and are
interested to create a space for the arts in your community and
benefit art and arts education? Do you have good management
skills? and are concerned for the state of regeneration in your
town and city? are you ambitious, energetic and prepared to work
hard for little financial reward and satisfaction of achievement?
TAO for the Future.