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TAO Liverpool originally began when Greg visited the Liverpool Biennial in 2002, following the second MCG. He participated in the creation of a space at the former Roller Skate Rink at Rodney Street. Excited by the prospect of a vibrant arts culture in the city, Greg and Rob returned prior to The Biennial in 2004, eager to source premises suitable for artistic use. They organised access to a variety of spaces including a church, several warehouse properties, and the original roller skating rink, amongst others, and set about inviting members, friends and artists to visit and participate.



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TAO Liverpool

Liverpool Biennial 2004
The Art Organisation secured the temporary use of twenty misused, disused, empty or derelict buildings in Liverpool during this years Biennial. Members arrived in Liverpool on the 12th of September 2004 as a listed independent group that is The Meta-Conceptual Gathering 4. Accommodation was provided and the opportunity to exhibit, show and participate during an International Festival of Contemporary Art - Liverpool Biennal. From our headquarters in Liverpool, St. Bride's Church, The Art Organisation orchestrated the promotion of these given venues during the event.

2006 Liverpool Ropewalks Regeneration Art Project
Launching at The Liverpool Biennial 2006, TAO obtained use of buildings in association with Frenson Limited, offering its members, a selection of working artists in the Liverpool local community, graduate artists from art-related courses at Liverpool John Moore's University and Universities in the North West of England, and an exciting array of international artists, the opportunity to exhibit and work within eleven TAO venues and galleries in Liverpool; to work toward the production of new artwork, produce arts based workshops for the community and exhibit in designated spaces and venues, curated by The Art Organisation, through The Ropewalks district of the City, and as part of the district’s artistic regeneration and Liverpool's progression during the City of Culture 2008 to the Bienniel 2010..

With activities now venturing on permenant, TAO further established use of available premises in association with Frenson, to artists and artistry in Liverpool during the City of Culture 2008, hosting JMU 'Regen08' Fine Art Degree Show, and as part of the Liverpool Biennial 2008, hosting 'Unmade', 'Space and Time', and 'Meta-Fex'. During this period some premises were temporary in their existence, and made way for future developments.

In 2009 TAO Liverpool members worked to establish the following buildings and premises:

The International Gallery offers workshop and exhibition space

The Kazimier is a licensed venue for performance and events

Mello-Mello is a coffee bar , performance and exhibition space, with studios

81 Renshaw Street is currently active as an gallery artshop promoting and selling artwork, with additional workshop space.

Wolstenholme Projects offers exhibition space, studios and workshop space.

Arena 82-84 Duke Street offers studio and workshop space(s)

2 Roscoe Street houses an active screen-print facility, bike recycling project and studio and workshop space

CCP Car Park offers studio and workshop space (s)

100 Seel Street and

102 Seel Street currently undergoing substantial heritage renovation

In 2011 TAO Liverpoo CICl is managed by Greg and Mike who are launching the next stage in property solutions for TAOLiverpool, working to establish active groups in each certain aspects of the project with independence, whilst recognising further premises that share potential with the ever growing and evolving arts scene in Liverpool.

have you checked out our other projects too:

TAO Nottingham

The Nottingham project situated on Station Street, Ng2 was
founded by Robert Smith and Kelly Smith in 2006. The first
building to open, in 2007, was the gallery and teabar, hosting
exhibitions, workshops, classes, events, studios, darkroom,
screen-print and textile facilities. In 2009 we opened the
second building to include further studio and workshop space.
In 2010 we finished constructual work to 17-19 and are now working toward its internal design. Work also begun on 11-13.
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TAO Leytonstone

TAO hold the lease of a single unit in Leytonstone, adjacent to a
community squat; 491 gallery. Initiated by Gregory Gurner, the
building is home to workshop and studio space for resident
artists, and has been so established for nine years. The building
has undergone substantial renovation over the years to make it
a working space and environment.
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TAO Leicester

Leicester is our latest project, starting in April 2009, by Robert
Smith and project manager Adam Kirk. We occupy one
building in Humberstone Gate of the city, and are working to
create exhibition galleries, a coffee bar , workshop space and
meeting rooms, studios and a woodworkshop and darkroom
facilities, and establish it as an independent company.
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TAO in your town

Have you ever aspired to help out in the creative arts? and are
interested to create a space for the arts in your community and
benefit art and arts education? Do you have good management
skills? and are concerned for the state of regeneration in your
town and city? are you ambitious, energetic and prepared to work
hard for little financial reward and satisfaction of achievement?
TAO for the Future.